Liz and Chris, Mornings
Liz and Chris 6-10am on Q100.7

"Hi, I’m Liz Bell, a single mom to 2 gorgeous girls! I love throwing theme parties, read that as 'Pinterest addict.'  I believe there is no better feeling than a sloppy ponytail and yoga pants. I enjoy traveling, things that sparkle and my partner, Chris Tyler."

"Chris Tyler here!  I also have two kids, plus an awesome wife!  I run marathons, but in real life I love to spend time at our neighborhood pool.  And I’m a huge sports fan.  It's hard for me to choose a favorite type of music!  I like many different types!  Except maybe Gangsta Rap.  I have to draw the line somewhere".

Michael Gifford, 10am-2pm
Michael "The Giff" Gifford on Q100.7

Fun loving Michael “The Giff” Gifford and his wife of over 20 years are nutty dog lovers (labs/lab mix) and his two daughters keep him scratching his head daily, especially now that one of them has given him his first grandchild. The family loves to travel and Giff is into golfing, hiking, camping… just about everything outdoors… except large animals that could eat him. His wife thinks he spends more time in the garden than he does with her, but she does enjoy the “fruits” of his labor.  


Richard Stevens, evenings
Richard Stevens, evenings on Q100.7

Richard Stevens lives for quiet simplicity away from the constant barrage of noise and information-overload. He grew up in North Dakota, where life moves at a slower pace, and radio signals seem to go on forever, and finds satisfaction in entertaining listeners with insights, ideas… and a certain wacky perspective on life. Richard is married to his soulmate Amy and, together, they have three children. They enjoy long walks, yoga, movies, quirky television shows and enjoying time together at home.ts, dinner with friends, and SLEEP! I'm blessed!".

Mike Parsons, Nights
Mike Parsons, nights on Q100.7

"Hey, Mike Parsons here!  I’m married to the amazing Joy Parsons who teaches 4th grade and I have 3 wonderful kids ranging in age from 13-24.  I also have 3 dogs that were all adopted from shelters that I love ALMOST as much as my kids.  I’m in to Indie Film, hiking with my family and dogs, and being outdoors.  I am a huge U2 fan and also like Maroon 5, Train and Sheryl Crow.  I still love older artists like Elton John, Journey and Prince.".

Karl Southcott, overnights

Karl Southcott, overnights on Q100.7

"Karl Southcott here!  I’m a giant movie fan, and love everything from the classic films to all the new exciting flicks.  When I’m not in a movie theater I like to hang with my family, especially around water, I think I’m part fish.  I have two small boys that keep me busy, let me tell you!  One of my very favorite things is sharing music on the radio with our listeners. I love everthing from Frank Sinatra to Bruno Mars.  It’s such a kick!"


















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